Hannah believes adventure has a strong relation to the day-to-day challenges faced by those working in organisations, where ambition, drive, planning and dedication are just as important. Every person will be able to relate to the challenges that are faced when planning and completing an adventure.

Her presentations are tailored to the client’s event, providing a unique and motivating lesson for any organisation. Everyone is encouraged to push beyond their self-imposed limitations, to thrive in any environment you find yourself in and express their talents and uniqueness.

For speaking enquires please email Hannah to discuss: hannah@insfriends.org.uk

Hannah has presented at multiple organisations, schools and groups. Some of which include:

“Having Hannah speak at the launch of our OVO Leadership Programme was a fantastic way to inject some real energy and motivation into our young team leaders. Hannah spoke with absolute passion and conviction about her own incredible life experiences which made for a really interesting and entertaining talk. She gave some really honest and valuable advice that can be applied in both a personal and professional context. She appears to be a formidable, credible and engaging person that left our team leaders feeling uplifted and inspired.” (OVO Energy)