A Parents Perspective

From a parents perspective, from when Hannah told us she was to row the Atlantic to the day she was rescued by a cargo ship heading for Canada, we went through every emotion from elation to sheer worry. We heard very little from her whilst she was at sea and the only regular information we received was via a yellow brick plotting device as to where the ‘Team’ were in the vast Atlantic Ocean. Every 4 hours we would receive an update from this yellow brick advising us of the distance travelled. What we didn’t realise, thank goodness, was all the frustration, disorientation pain and lack of sleep she was enduring. On saying all of that, we are very proud of her and hope that in 2016 she completes her ‘unfinished business’ of rowing the Atlantic and we can meet her in Antigua for a well earned holiday and rest before she embarks on her next challenge.

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