A Day in Thame

On Saturday 16th July, we donned our ‘Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge’ t-shirts and took Sedulous for a day out in Thame. Its sounds quite simple, but getting there wasn’t as simple as you might think. A couple of weeks before, we took the trailer in for a service to Aylesbury Trailer Servicing. We knew something wasn’t quite right with the trailer, but we never expected there to be so much! Scott, who is one of the partners of the company didn’t need to tell us it was more serious than we thought, we could tell from his facial expression. He told us that a company called Avonride was where some of the parts were from, so I decided to give them a call to see if they could help in any way. I was speaking to Phil at Avonride, who is the MD of the company, I told him our predicament and that we needed to get back on the road so we could attend the events we had lined up. Between Scott and Phil they were the most helpful people, not only did they get us back on the road, but they did it all for FREE…all labour and all parts. Aylesbury Trailer Servicing and Avonride literally saved the day and we can’t thank them enough for everything they have done. Because of them, we managed to get Sedulous into Thame and parked up outside the Town Hall with no major problems.

The day in Thame started around 0945, we got set up and it was great to not only see so many friendly faces, but also a wealth of people that were genuinely interested in what we were doing and why. We set up a 30 second rowing challenge, which was a hit with many parents and their children and we welcomed anyone one board who wished to spend some time aboard Sedulous for a guided tour. We both had a great day and loved meeting so many people, so many generous people who helped us raise just over £250. We want to thank everyone who stopped by and hope you will follow our journey and keep supporting Inspirational Friends.

We would also like to say a special thank you to Peter Matthews, who is an amateur photographer from Thame, he stopped by and kindly took some photos of the day for us.






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