Trans-Atlantic Row 2013

It was in December 2013 I would take on my biggest adventure yet, an attempt to complete a transatlantic row from La Gomera, Canary Isles to Antigua, Caribbean. Unfortunately, after countless equipment failures, Inspirational Friends was forced to retire a mere two weeks from the finish, after an exhausting 96 days at sea. The Team was made up of Hannah Lawton and Lauren Morton.

In the early stages of setting up Inspirational Friends, I decided I wanted to row the Atlantic in the female pairs category, the next challenge was to find the right person to row with…which wasn’t that easy! To start Jessie Vanbeck was on board, but things didn’t work out and I needed to find a new partner. In September 2013, 3 months to race start, I had the hard decision of picking the person that would join me for the row, Lauren Morton joined the team and we became the pair that would compete in the 2013 attempt.

The 2013 attempt became one of epic proportions, the problems we encountered forced us to retire just 600 miles from the finish. Upon our return, we were adamant we would compete again in 2015. However, I applied for a job with the GB Rowing Team and was successful and started in my position in September 2014, which meant we would have to wait until the 2017 race.

Things rapidly changed, Lauren decided she would pursue other things and I was in a new job. I knew I would be going back out; it was just a matter of when. Firstly, I had to get the other team member back, ‘Sedulous’ who was happily floating up towards Florida after we abandoned her. On top of this, my heart lies with the team I set up and the reasons behind the team, the pairs class is where I want to test myself and ‘Sedulous’ will remain part of that team.

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