Atlantic Coast Challenge

The route starts near Padstow and finishes at Lands End, 78.6 miles (3 marathons) over 3 days by walking, running or crawling, putting mental and physical prowess against some of the wildest coastlines in Britain.  Somehow I managed to rope in 3 friends for this challenge, one was a local so had some knowledge and well, runs these cliffs for fun…that was Helen. For the rest of us, myself, Laura and Harriet we weren’t locals and certainly weren’t long distance runners. But we took on the challenge, dosed on pain killers after day one and taped up to try and prevent further injury. The aim of this challenge was to complete it together, as long as we all crossed the finish line and helped each other through it, that was what mattered.

Each day is an enduring, shin thudding marathon, with steep climbs and descents and lots of steps that I am sure were made for giants! On top of this, running miles across wet sand is never fun and that happened every day too. It was as much a mental challenge as physical one, but one that had us all wondering what’s next for the ‘running group’.

Fancy a go? Find more info here: Atlantic Coast Challenge