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Christmas Eve 2015, I wake up to a message from Hannah asking me if I wanted to row the Atlantic with her. With a massive smile on my face, I thought “Crikey! Can’t believe she would like me to to row with her…” However tough it was going to be I knew I had to accept the challenge, an opportunity like this does not come round every day!

 I’ve always been into signing up for challenges that push me outside my comfort zone, in all aspects of life. Like running half marathons, applying for the Navy or moving to Australia, but never in a million years did I think I’d be counting down the days until we fly out to La Gomera for race day.

 There’s a strong possibility of raging thunderstorms, a million foot swells and container ships crashing into us, but my biggest fear at the moment is somehow letting Hannah down. So these next months, right up until the start, I’m going to be preparing, mentally and physically for this. Even now while I’m on a sheep station somewhere in the middle of the outback in South Australia!

 Being part of ‘Inspirational Friends’ is an incredible feeling. Everything, from Hannah even contemplating the race back in 2013, to our dear friend Elle who will always be the motivation, is awe-inspiring. Both incredible friends have shown strength and courage beyond words. They encourage you to believe in yourself and to believe that you can achieve anything. As with everyone that knows Hannah or knew Elle, or anyone that has friends or family that continually amaze them, I believe that if we can show a fraction of the determination as they have, we’d be doing alright.

 Bring on 2016!!

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